Labour : The hidden truth for Scotland


It would be wrong for anyone to say that Labour MP’s born in Scotland don’t love their country.  Just like the rest of us, that love is nurtured by our parents and underlined by the wonderful experiences of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste that Scotland has to offer.  It truly is a wonderful place.

It does have its less savoury parts as well and growing up here, we become only too aware that in those places and sections of the population there’s something deeply wrong which needs fixing. However, being handed the power of the people, the Labour candidate from Scotland, being duly elected, heads south to London with great plans to change those unsavoury parts for the better.  And why not?

That’s where their quest ends.  Our newly elected Labour MP from Scotland is part of an establishment party and that party looks after itself in Westminster.  The newly elected MP accepts the Labour “whip” and all thought of a Scotland agenda is cast aside very quickly.

And from that source the newly elected MP accepts the now pernicious, self serving ideology of the Party.  From that moment onward, the person who has loved Scotland all their life, ceases to be “pro-Scotland” and becomes “pro-Westminster”.  Their conversion is complete.  If they prove that they’re prepared to act against the best outcomes of their country and country-folk to the benefit of the establishment, they progress with the Party.  It’s that simple.  They’re just doing their job and now working for the Party and the establishment instead of the people that elected them.

I honestly feel that these people apart from a narcissistic few must be the saddest individuals in our society.

Let’s release these people from what has obviously become a waking nightmare, a living hell.  If you wish to change this then simply vote SNP on the 7th of May.

The SNP, built in Scotland from Scottish “girders” forged in the fire of socialism works only for the Scottish people and not Westminster or the British establishment.

This is the path to real change in Scotland.

I know that everything I’ve said here is obvious but it needed saying out loud.  Thanks for reading.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan


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