For the urgent attention of every world leader – today

Wee Girl
I have an important request to make to every person that reads this; if we assume that we’re only half a dozen handshakes away from each other, that means that either directly or indirectly we all have access to one of the world leaders around the planet.  I know this blog is read worldwide so between us we can make things happen.
I want this piece of text and the picture at the top slammed in their faces with the demand “What are YOU going to do about this today?”The text will stop you in your tracks, some may even cry but a show of emotion wont fix anything, only action will do.  Do whatever it takes to demand that this human tragedy is stopped.  If the people of the world demand a solution then a solution will be found.  To have one more wee soul end up in a watery grave would be insanity.  I want to see those politicians earn their money for a change.

Fix this!

Now read on……….
“Here she is. One of those gold-diggers. She travelled on a boat to steal our prosperity. She wanted to cause unrest in our society. Because that’s what they do, those refugees, they cause misery and destruction.

Look at her. She was probably planning to carry out a terrorist attack. Many people from those countries are Muslim, you know, so the danger is real.

But look at her!

This is about people. Not numbers. People. Real people! Young people, young children even. People with dreams, hopes and aspirations. With fears. And with the simple desire to pursue happiness.

Here she is. In our blue Mediterranean sea. And she is not the only one.

A few hours earlier she was probably hugging her mother. Her mother would have said that all would be fine. Don’t worry, darling. A better life is waiting for you on the other side. The world will be a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. There are people out there who care and who share. The world is not just about wars, violence and terror. No! There are some countries where people are rather lucky and happy, and they certainly wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of that luck and happiness with us!

Look at her. In her pink dress. Perhaps her favourite dress. Maybe the one she would wear on her first day to school.

Unfortunately, her mother was wrong. Apparently, nobody really cares. Nobody wants to share.

Sorry about Europe. Sorry we are doing so little. Sorry we are so late. Sorry we don’t have time for you. We are terribly ashamed. Sorry that our stupid politicians in their infantile and petty narrow-mindedness don’t even have the smallest decency to leave behind their shameful xenophobic thoughts. Even not just for a minute to make the right decisions. Sorry so many of us voted for them. Sorry that they are not able to show just a little respect for this big human tragedy happening in our beautiful Mediterranean sea. It is happening right here, right now, at our doorstep.

It’s a shame!”


Text translated and adapted from a Dutch text by Chris Klomp (
Picture from “Drowning for Freedom: Libya’s Migrant Jails” by

Original from Tom Vandenbosch – thank you Tom.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan
(a human being just like the wee girl in the picture – also just like you)


14 thoughts on “For the urgent attention of every world leader – today

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  2. But all the oil and other treasure have already been spoken for via war, theft (same thing really) or other criminal activity …. so, nothing to see here – move along. It’s tragically so much easier to see these drowned souls in the sea and washed up on holiday beaches than the greater numbers killed in war, as land-bound refugees and their inhumane aftermath. Same causes – same effects. Same indifference – same inaction.
    We’ve got this Human Rights list focused on the wrong perspective as we should have set our sights and aims on our responsibilities and actions as humans to implement (not just proclaim) these rights? The last Aga Khan once stated that if we had drawn up an enforced Rights of the Child there may be no need for anything else.

    But wait – Mrs T. May has suggested that we send them back to their country of origin after bombing the boats as it’s not our fault but that of ‘people smugglers’ – so you see it’s not us.

    • Aye, you’re right Clarinda but I find it’s easier to get folk to focus on one thing. By doing that we may effect change in some way instead of standing in front of an unfolding disaster that’s too big to comprehend. It like drawing a line for the world leaders and saying, “Deal with this quickly”. If we can force change in that way then we can turn our eyes to the bigger picture.

      The USA are definitely implicated here, their career to take over every natural resource in the world has consequences for everyone living on the planet today. The UK are just a part of the USA’s foreign policy arm and it’s time the UK politicians stood against the USA in their ambitions. What has been happening is morally and ethically bankrupt. It’s just a pity the worlds media is controlled to such an extent, otherwise these issues would be broadcast and build up proper public opinion.

      Kindest regards,

      David Milligan

  3. Thank you for this.
    What have we become when we cause these things to happen then shirk from the responsibility for them?
    Civilised? Nothing like it.

    • I cant put this one down, it broke my heart and I want to see if it’s possible to create a change by sharing this text in my blog. I know the text is about a child but every death here is a tragedy and a disaster. I heard yesterday the Indonesian Government is opening the door for these folk, however, the people will only be able to stay for one year and then they’ve got to move on. Big deal, I’m sure they could be more helpful. There’s an answer to this and it’s up to the world leaders to find it. Otherwise this tragedy will grow and grow.

      The answer obviously lies in helping people stay where they are and make it worthwhile although many may be displaced by war and the threat of war. What on earth can be done about that?

      As I say, it’s time for the politicians of this world to actually earn their keep.

      Kindest regards,

      David Milligan

      • What else can be done? Well, the UK could stop pursuing overseas arms sales contracts (promoted and underwritten at taxpayer expense – including to regimes who abuse human rights and from companies who are corrupt, and involving bribes), and should stop its training of foreign troops – training that is currently being provided both here in the UK and overseas.
        That way, our culpability in war and bloodshed would be lessened.
        UK interventions overseas should be humanitarian aid only, or armed personnel only under the auspices of the UN as peacekeeping forces – no military supplies or military personnel sent as UK initiatives.
        That’s my view!

  4. We urgently need to set up Think Tank solutions to this immediate problem so as communication comes from the right sources !

    • Possibly that’s what I hope to achieve. I’m only carrying a message. I don’t have the answers but I’ll bet a range of answers can be found. Politicians of the world…..time to earn your keep.

      Kindest regards,

      David Milligan

  5. Could us the citizens not offer a child a room or shelter and do it in spite of our greedy parliamentarians? I don’t have room but could manage something to help,a wee bit off of my pension credits is not too much to give.

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    • I certainly will Tom. Your blog piece drove icy cold water into my veins. Well done my friend, let’s hope the piece also had the same effect on others.

      Kindest regards and many thanks,

      David Milligan

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