Scotland’s Future, Scotland’s Choice

I hear that Boris has said that a Scottish referendum on independence would be very irresponsible “at the moment”.

I therefore pose the following argument.

Before I start, I should tell you that our independence should be taken, not given. Scotland belongs to the people of Scotland and a section 30 gifted by a tory, fascist prime Minister disrespects the people of Scotland and if it wasn’t such a twisted piece of unionist entitlement it would be laughable.

So, here it is. If what the unionists say is true and Scotland is simply a bottom line cost to the United Kingdom, then what difference does it make if Scotland leaves the union? As we approach (hopefully) an end or at least a more controlled handling of the pandemic, surely cutting out unnecessary bottom line costs would benefit England as they struggle to handle the costs of the pandemic and brexit? Beside that belief that those in England have and fast on the heels of the election in England, it can be seen that the tories are going to be the party of power there for some considerable time. However, the tories will never break through politically in Scotland so there’s no perceived benefit like labour used to enjoy before the SNP took the dominant position where they could count on at least 40 MP’s joining them in the commons which often made the difference in who held the reins of power in London.

Over the next few years, Scotland will cost a lot of money and would represent a drain on the London Exchequer. The people of Scotland will demand that the money they pay to the treasury is returned in larger and larger quantities to assist in the recovery which also means that there won’t even be a slight economic argument for keeping Scotland in the union.

So, what’s going on? Do Boris and his fascist gang simply consider Scotland as akin to that patch of land at the bottom of their garden that they’re unwilling to “let go” because it’s just always been there? Going by their thinking, that must be the case.

Now the reality….Scotland is a rich country.

It’s not rich at the moment if we use the calculations produced by the british establishment that tidily contain the miriad ways that the treasury extract money and wealth from Scotland. Also when looking at the wealth of Scotland it’s important to remember that we have a huge amount of the natural resources which if managed properly will boost Scotland into the list of the top dozen or so countries in the world by GDP.

We are already a nation that exports and given that brexit has gotten in the way of that it’s vital that we either get back into the EU or join EFTA to enjoy the unencumbered export of our goods. That can’t and wont happen if we’re still a part of the United Kingdom and therefore it’s vital to shred the treaty of union and take back Scotland’s political and economic freedom so that we can flourish and become the country that we need to be.

It’s not just about GDP either, there are still areas in Scotland where people aren’t doing as well as they should. Given that independence happens, all the taxes, corporation tax, VAT, hydro-carbon tax (every time you fill the tank on your car a large chunk of the cost is tax) coupled with the exporting freedom would mean that we can really begin to raise the lifestyles of every person in Scotland and make our country a more equal place for everyone to live in. For a start it would make a universal basic income and higher pensions a reality. Those two items alone would make a huge difference to the majority of people and should have people running to the polling stations to vote yes to independence. Yet again, those two ticket items can’t happen if part of the United Kingdom and that’s just a sorry fact.

Our climate targets mean that we’ll have immense changes in the not too distant future which will profoundly effect all of our lives. Therefore we could just leave the decisions as to how to deal with those changes to a bunch of people in London who really don’t care how we live and would most likely mean that many parts of Scotland would suffer as a result or we can put those decisions in the hands of people in Scotland who would have to live with the consequences of those decisions. I know which way I’d want it.

The ball is in our court, not Boris’s. The choice we make now will either turn Scotland into a richer, greener, more equal, independent European nation, or, be part of Boris’s wet dream sweat shop Britain where people are kept poor and frightened about the future.

It’s Scotland’s choice, never forget that. The tories in London only wield the power YOU give them. They don’t have any God given right to control or rule you and simply have a worthless piece of faded parchment detailing an agreement made over 300 years ago by people that had their own agenda’s at heart. Scotland is a free agent if you want it to be. It’s that simple. You are sovereign and that means it IS your right to choose the political and economic setup that suits you.

People of Scotland, I ask that you make that choice in your heads now so that when the referendum happens you’ll already know which way you’re going to vote. Remember, you won’t have a choice of voting for the “status quo” (no change) because that choice doesn’t exist now and hasn’t existed since Scotland was dragged out of Europe. Therefore you are embarked on a new journey, the direction we go is in your hands and if you choose wisely, you’ll benefit yourself, your family and all your generations.

Think of it this way, I remember seeing the tears in my parents eyes as they saw many of my siblings move to Canada to build a better life because Scotland no longer had the opportunities to keep them here at that time. We’re entering a time when due to brexit we’ll see our children look abroad again and as a result the inevitable break up and dispersal of families will begin again in large numbers. An independent Scotland will be full of opportunities for our children because we’ll be building a glittering new thing, a new Scotland that we can all be very, very proud of.

If anyone tries to put you off making a positive choice by asking what currency you’ll use or threatening a border with England then simply laugh in their face and say that we’ll initially use sterling as it’s a fully tradeable currency until we setup our own Scottish currency and instead of setting up one border with England, we’ll be opening up 27 borders with Europe and indeed removing all the impediments to exporting our goods and services to the rest of the world.

Therefore Scottish independence is the logical choice when you consider the facts and quit listening to a gang of fascists in London who have their own agenda’s and their own plans for your future which you wont like. Instead of seeing things improve, the march to the gutter is only a step away so don’t let them talk you into making a poor choice for your future.

Scotland has everything we need to be successful as an independent nation and if I’m right that success could be more than any of us can predict. The Scottish people are very clever and productive and given our wealth in natural resources it would be difficult to fail.

Choose wisely, over to you.

Always yours for Scotland,

David Milligan


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