The next battle for Scotland

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Don’t be fooled by the noise that’s been coming from Westminster. They talk about the Smith Commission as if it’s the way to get the Scots back in their box.  This “throw them a bone” politics is as far as Westminster is prepared to go without being pushed. What you are in fact seeing is a single battle – the taking of hill number 436 if you like in a greater war about the ultimate control of Scotland and its resources and a way to silence the “troublesome Scots” for another generation.

A panicked mistake was made by three party leaders in an underhanded attempt at preventing Scotland from voting yes, in doing so they, with the help of Gordon Brown and the Labour allied newspaper “The Daily Record” made promises they had no intention of keeping.  In other words they constructed a lie not a vow.  And let’s not forget the ready and willing BBC in Scotland who helped amplify Gordon Brown’s promise to “see the vow passed through Westminster”.

There are those who in their ignorance think that the war has been won with the referendum result, however, a victory can’t be recorded when the voting choice of fewer that 200,000 people decided the outcome probably based on that lie.  If we consider that more than 200,000 people will have been persuaded by the vow, then to make such empty promises represents a pyrrhic victory and therefore worthless in the eyes of the majority of Scots.  Therefore, it’s not over, not by a long chalk.

The Smith Commission by now should have delivered FFA (Full Fiscal Autonomy) or Devo-Max at least on paper, ready to be passed through the “gut” of Westminster and then the unelected, unworthy House of Lords.  What will come out of that gut will be shredded to bits.  The London based party players in that particular stitch up who are Scottish themselves couldn’t even speak in favour of Scotland on their own as Scots and spent a lot of time on the phone and online to their political masters in London for guidance as to what they should say. It’s a “pig in a poke” as my Mother used to say, meaning that what would be offered is less than useless.

What it comes down to is that any member of a London based political party works for the benefit of their co-party members at Westminster.  I’ll say that again just to make the point – any member of a London based political party works for the benefit of their co-party members at Westminster.

It doesn’t matter what nonsense comes out of their mouths or how convincing that nonsense may sound, the fact is that being part of a London centric party means that in all cases they’ll cow-tow to their Westminster masters every time. They really don’t have a choice unless they want to risk getting expelled from their party. That’s why when I hear the new leader (branch manager) of the Labour North Britain Branch Jim Murphy state that he’ll run “Scottish Labour” separately from Labour central, I have an urge to start laughing.  The serious problem is that normal, unpolitically minded people are taken in by politicians like him and we need to start educating those people as to his true intent.  Just for a start, why would any Labour politician be a contributor to the “Henry Jackson Society – a neo-Conservative think-tank? Why?  Jim Murphy is personally listed on their website.

Next year we have a chance to take “hill 437” that will give us a bridgehead from which to create powerful alliances with other players in Westminster to push Scotland’s agenda.  To do that we need to get pro-Scotland MP’s sent to Westminster in the largest block we can muster.  And let’s just be candid here.  The pro-Scotland MP’s will be mostly SNP.  I can’t think of a single constituency in Scotland where say, the Greens will win a seat at Westminster.  Even if it did happen by some miracle, the chances of that happening in more than one or two areas is minimal.  Important as the Greens are to Scotland, will they gain Scotland extra powers such as control over corporation tax? With control over corporation tax a government can actually reward companies for actions that help reduce adverse effects on the environment.  That’s what having control gives you – choice.

It is by being good at minority government that the biggest gains will be made. The SNP ran a minority government from 2007 and every bit of progress they made at that time had to involve alliances and deals made to ensure the larger goal was achieved. They already have the experience and the track record of operating in such an environment.

If you already vote Green or SSP I recommend that you consider “lending” that vote to the SNP for the General Election.

We are, whether we like it or not, involved in a larger war against Westminster and the British Establishment for the ultimate control of Scotland, the people of Scotland lost the last battle in that war by voting no in the referendum (even if they don’t realise that right now), so it’s up to each one of us to send our strongest combatants to meet with the enemy.  For any party that gets into Downing Street in 2015, Scotland’s output is a vital part of any chancellor’s treasure trove to keep their confidence trick going for as long as possible before being forced eventually and inevitably to restructure that enormous debt which can never be paid back.  In the UK governments desperation to hold off the financial meltdown, they’ll take Scotland apart piece-by-piece to squeeze every penny of revenue from it regardless of the wishes (or the howls) of the inhabitants.

The only bittersweet respite at the moment is the action by the Saudi’s in depressing the value of the oil to combat the economic threat posed by US fracking oil.  The US govt (not the fracking companies) are actually quite happy with this as it’s destabilising the economy of Russia.  Similarly, the UK treasury will be hard pressed to gain much revenue from the oil industry for a while at least and the depressed oil price will slow up fracking plans across the world and thankfully for us, Scotland (why do it if you can’t make money doing it?). My heartfelt best wishes of course go to the many oil-workers that may find themselves on garden leave over this action. They are the ones that will certainly suffer through this time.  Let’s hope we can make that pain short-lived.

The ultimate prize of the war is full independence, but at the moment the “Battle for Scotland” is about getting Scotland’s agenda forced onto the table.  We were promised “as near to a Federal Britain as is possible” by an ex-prime minister and that ex-prime minister has cynically announced his resignation instead of fighting for what he promised as he promised.

It’s time to take the fight to Westminster, it’s time to build an army of MP’s that can do the job for us, it’s time to quit being on the back foot as we were all the time during the run up to the referendum, it’s time to make Westminster sit up and realise that we won’t take no for an answer and that we wont climb back into our box as they expect.

Labour, however, will try to convince us that the only way to get rid of the Tories is to vote Labour, however, a vote in that direction would just replace Tory with Tory and the only real difference would be the colour of rosettes they’d be wearing. Labour are, after all, the Red Tories. So the following certainly holds true;-

Vote Labour, Liberal, Tory or UKIP – get Tory
Vote SNP – get Scotland

Kindest regards,

David Milligan
First published 26th December 2014

15 thoughts on “The next battle for Scotland

  1. Reblogged this on Ace News Desk 2014 and commented:
    Brilliant blog. I have said often Scotland have pushed Westminster, Tory and Red Tory into a corner. As I said here and this article hints at, watch this space. &

    • Totally agree,great article,but we mustn’t be complacent because I know some old labour voters that just will not change.labour will do their worst to upset the applecart with lies and subterfuge.

  2. “I can’t think of a single constituency in Scotland where say, the Greens will win a seat at Westminster. Even if it did happen by some miracle, the chances of that happening in more than one or two areas is minimal.”
    As an SNP member and a Green sympathizer I would have found this statement on “The Greens” more acceptable if you could have (and I hope in future will) alluded to the FACT that independent blind polls, on party policies, have shown that a majority of the UK population actually believe Green Party policies to be the way forward. But we all seem so involved in strategies and tactical voting that the policies that are going to save the human race are sidelined and ignored by all of us!!
    It scares the F out of me..It is like the Dwarfs in CS Lewis’s Narnia book “The Last Battle” fighting over the feast on the table. Beware of concentrating on the battle and loosing the global war against extinction. We can win both if we have the courage to hold the terrifying facts inside us and then approach each day with the awareness that everything we do in the battle for Independence is important and could shape not just a better future but A FUTURE.

    • Hullo Mark. I appreciate your feelings. My politics are are Socialist and Green, but I vote SNP ffor Westminster. I don’t feel I’m being cynically unprincipled, or zhat I’m abandoning my brothers and sisters ensewhere. I just feel we have to fight our local battles as effectively as we can. We can join forces for future, bigger battles, but we have to start somewhere. I don’t want to see us stranded on the moral high ground, righteous but impotent; I want zo make Scotland stronger, then make her Socialist, Green, and free, then join the global battle.

  3. Addendum …I fully support the rest of your statements and want an Independent Scotland….but with “Climate Change” awareness to the forefront. You know, like SURVIVAL, it is quite important , or NO Scotland , NO world..

  4. Well writen article. Logical and informative with good balance. From now on, every day is a day nearer Independence because so many of the NO lies have been exposed for everyone to see. Other countries will also see what Westminster’s promises, vows, signed agreements, words, integrity and morals are worth and realise that nothing they say can be trusted. Not only have they shot themselves in the foot, they have shot themselves in both feet and don’t have a leg to stand on.

  5. Collective responsibility should have been suspended for Independence Referendum. This responsibility denies democracy. Could anyone explain why a call for such a suspension was not made.

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  7. I agree with the praise that has been heaped on this article. Re “If you already vote Green or SSP I recommend that you consider “lending” that vote to the SNP for the General Election.” I would go further. SNP rule changes allow SSP and Green members to stand for election with SNP party support. I hope that this happens and allows the Indy Ref co-operation to continue so that Scots representatives are no longer chosen from parties whose headquarters are based outside Scotland. Continuing to vote Conservative, Labour or LibDem seems to me to be foolish in the aftermath of the broken “Vow”. The Northen Irish seem to understand the benefits of voting for their oiwn parties better than us Scots at the moment.

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