070215 New s2s group logo is a communications portal which I conceived to assist in the ambition to get pro-Scotland MP’s elected to Westminster in the forth-coming General Election.  However, its usefulness transcends the short term goal.

The complete portal consists of a website, a main facebook group, youtube, twitter and google+, and has 59 Westminster constituency groups which are run as autonomous campaign groups whilst still being part of the main structure.

Most importantly though it consists of great people who are prepared to give freely of their time and see the portal go from strength to strength through their efforts.  The management of the entire system is run by two different sets of Administrators, the first set is the System Admins and the second set is the Group Admins.  Smooth running of the system is achieved by having great lines of communication between all the Admins at both System and Group level.

Going forward from the General Election, will take its place in local campaigning for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections and the number of constituency groups will increase to reflect the number of Scottish constituencies relating to the number of directly elected MSP’s taking up office at Hollyrood.

The communications portal is flexible enough to allow many other diverse groups to get involved in its use and through time will become a powerful tool that pro-Scotland and pro-independence campaigners will use to aid in the free flow of information throughout Scotland.

Please feel free to jump onto the website and from there join with the portal and lend your intellectual support.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan


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