DM070614hdleftDavid Milligan Lvss is a business owner in Scotland and is a communications engineer.  His overriding passion is to promote, support and make Scottish independence happen by writing this blog and running a few of the larger facebook groups which aim to provide the positive argument for an independent Scotland.

This blog represents a culmination of almost five years of intense research, debating on-line and study. It is a thoroughly good look under the bonnet of Scotland’s constitutional arrangements which at the moment are ridiculous.

It may also give an insight into what life will be like after independence. That vision will be shared with you, the reader, whenever possible.


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  1. Hi David. Nice to have met you and your family last week in Kos. I have found your blog and enjoy the content. Here’s hoping…. Kind Regards.

  2. Hi David. I just found out you had a blog, so I’m working back from the latest. I don’t know how you find the time, TBH. Are you going to the BBC Demo on Sunday?

  3. Hi David,

    I have a serious question for you – can you please ‘engineer’ your latest blog, “The next Battle for Scotland’ onto the pages of the Sunday Herald and/or The National. You always have a total understanding of the mechanics and the Big Picture of Scottish/UK Politics and are an excellent communicator.

    These newspapers absolutely need people like yourself to boost their fire power; to portray your views so that a wider range of people can gain access to them. Online forums are all very well and have huge sharing potential, but these newspapers hit a wider target, including older people who are not online and need to be exposed to objective pro-independence information and opinion. Such as yours.

    Better still, can you please ‘engineer’ your views onto the pages of the above newpapers on a REGULAR basis, with a SERIES of articles, right up to May. Also, if such a series of articles could include your colleagues (the other moderators), then I for one will definitely start sleeping even better at night. And I am sure many others will feel the same.

    As many as possible of the electorate need to be constantly given your kind of antidotes to the latest lies of the week; the latest acts of scaremongering and the latest attempts to lull people into sleep-walking towards any party other than SNP.

    Any problems getting on board these newspapers, just let us all know on scot2.scot and we’ll have a wee chat with the editors…

    Thank you.

    Dennis White

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