I’ve spent a long time asking anyone that supports Westminster instead of supporting Scotland and intends to vote no to give me a positive case for supporting Westminster.  To this date I’ve had none.  None at all. I looked on the “Better Together” website and the only thing I could find was marked “the +’ve case”, so that’s all I have to go on.  http://bettertogether.net/pages/the-ve-case Under that tab on their website is the considered positive case for anyone in Scotland to support Westminster instead of supporting Scotland and to make things easier to read I’ll put my responses or rebuttals in square [ ] brackets so you can easily distinguish their words from mine ;-


“the +ve case” [They couldn’t even be bothered typing the word “positive”, could they”]

“We love Scotland.”

[Don’t they always say that? “I’m a proud Scot” is the first thing out of their mouths just before launching a verbal or written attack on the abilities or attributes or resources of the people of Scotland – who are they trying to convince?]

“We are ambitious for Scotland’s people and Scotland’s possibilities. Our case is not that Scotland could not survive as a separate country – it is that there’s a better choice for our future.”

[So there we have it, a “little” admission that as an independent nation we would “survive” and the beginning of their argument to entice us to stay with the union and to support Westminster because that’s what the no voter is voting for – Westminster, or weren’t you aware of that?]

“A strong Scottish Parliament within the United Kingdom gives us the best of both worlds: real decision making power here in Scotland, as well as a key role in a strong and secure UK. Now and in the future Scotland is stronger as part of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom is stronger with Scotland as a partner.”

[The Scottish Parliament is not strong because it can have its powers taken away without much fuss as was proved a couple of months back when the House of Lords removed laws and powers which held back the fracking industry.  They carried out that removal in a morning session and then went for a cracking good lunch followed by a sleep in the main, well heated Lords debating chamber.]  

[Next point on the same paragraph, the key role they’re talking about is the role to house the UK’s weapons of mass destruction because that’s the safest place to put it, well away from London and the South East of England.]

[Another key role is for Scotland to produce money to be spent in London and the South East of England. I could go on here about the exporting capability holding the UK’s balance of payments stable to shore up the rickety pound or the other key role to have our once prolific fishing fleet used as a pawn in negotiations with Europe.  That’s certainly not much of a partnership, is it?  In other words, do I need to go on?  Real decision making power?  Don’t make me laugh.]

“In the UK the BBC and the Bank of England were founded by Scotsmen. The NHS was founded by a Welshman. The State Pension system was founded by an Englishman. Partners in these islands. Working together, better together.”

[It really doesn’t matter (now) who founded these institutions, what really matters is what’s happening now.  The BBC whilst being a very good producer of straight entertainment also has a covert use as a propaganda channel for Westminster.  We witness time after time where that organisation intentionally fails to give any sort of balance on the Scottish independence issues and actually seeks to spin stories or ignore others to the benefit of Westminster.]  

[Next is the Bank of England, it’s an independent bank and is already owned by every one of us.  We have a share in it. We also have a share in the currency and have £6 billion on deposit in the Bank of England to back up every Scottish note in our pockets, did you realise that? If we are refused a currency union, I think we’d be making a hefty withdrawal, wouldn’t we?]  

[The NHS or the idea for the NHS was set up in the Highlands and Islands, if you are at all interested, Hazel Lewry one of our greatest bloggers wrote a history which charts the course of that into the present NHS and you can read it on the link at the bottom of this part of the critique.  The main worry here is that if enough people vote for Westminster then Westminster would remove the Scottish Govts powers over the Scottish NHS and embark on a privatisation of it the same as they’re doing with the English NHS right now. You’d be surprised at the proportion of Coalition Cabinet Members right now who have a vested interest in a private healthcare company. Personally I would call that a conflict of interest.]


[The state pension was indeed founded by an Englishman but the method used to fund it was broken by a Scot (Gordon Brown aided and abetted by Ed Balls).  So when we look at the statement of “Partners in these islands. Working together, better together”, we have to ask ourselves why we’re being led so far down the garden path as a society in Scotland?  We now need to stop that nonsense.]

“We are proud that we fought together to defeat fascism, and worked together to build a welfare state. But the case we make is about what’s best for Scotland’s future.”

[I agree that we worked well together during the conflicts that were forced on us and the Social State was a damn good idea but the Social State has been brutally taken apart by several administrations in Westminster.  Indeed, it is apparent that several European nations similar in size to Scotland run much better Social States including much higher pensions…..much higher.]


Times are really tough at home and really turbulent internationally. In the future Scotland’s prosperity will be strengthened by keeping the British connection. We need more growth, more jobs, and more prosperity in Scotland. We don’t need uncertainty, instability, and barriers for our businesses.  In these tough and turbulent times, the size, strength and stability of the UK economy is a huge advantage for Scotland’s businesses. Scotland’s largest market is the rest of the UK. The UK is the world’s oldest and most successful single market and the UK has the oldest and most successful currency – the pound.  Scottish businesses are increasingly having to win orders against smart, efficient and productive firms in foreign markets. These competitive challenges will only get tougher in the years ahead. The UK is better placed than a separate Scotland or England to help our businesses find and win new orders across the world.”

[There are two facets to my rebuttal here, first is that Westminster is an incredibly bad steward of the UK’s finances and it is responsible for the dreadful state of the UK economy where we see public borrowing hitting £1.6 Trillion by 2016 and in fact stands at £1.3 Trillion as at time on writing this rebuttal.  If in fact we put all the borrowings together on these islands and compare that to our combined GDP, we are sitting at 900% debt to GDP ratio which is just short of a Germany that experienced such hyper-inflation that it became cheaper to decorate your house with banknotes than it was to buy wallpaper, their debt to GDP ratio at that time was 913%.  The UK economy is quite literally teetering on the very edge of a precipice. (Moneyweek “The end of Britain”) For the people all over these islands change is going to happen whether Scotland opts for independence or not and that change won’t be a pleasant one.  So the statement that “In these tough and turbulent times, the size, strength and stability of the UK economy is a huge advantage for Scotland’s businesses” is a wildly inaccurate assertion and one that belies the actual state of affairs right now.]

[So, having said that, what is the reality for Scotland? Let’s look at that…. A country is judged economically by its output, wealth and resources, Just over the last while we’ve seen proof that Scotland has what it takes to become a small, rich, normal, fairer, more equal, independent, European country and here’s why………]

[1.    (OUTPUT) The Financial Times reported that an independent Scotland would be in the top 35 exporting nations on the planet. Not bad eh? Perhaps we could climb that a bit?]

[2.    (WEALTH) Standard and Poor’s, the international ratings agency that give credit ratings for entire countries released a report on an independent Scotland. Business for Scotland did an article on it and this is what they said, “In a massive blow to the credibility of the No Campaign’s scaremongering, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s released a report, clearly stating that an independent Scotland would be an investment grade economy.  The report states emphatically that S&P would expect Scotland to ‘benefit from all the attributes of an investment-grade sovereign credit’ due to its ‘wealthy’ economy, and that it sees ‘no fundamental reason’ in terms of Scotland’s balance sheet why Scotland could not float its own currency (even though we do not intend to).” Yet again, not bad at all (and you’re worrying what currency we’ll have? tisk tisk) ]

[3.    (RESOURCES) The OECD (Organisation for European Co-operation and Development) gave us a projected worth of our oil and hung a £4 TRILLION price tag on it. The price that the Scottish govt talks about is the low, low price provided by the OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) set up by George Osborne when the Tories got into power. That department haven’t made a single prediction that’s come anywhere near true since its inception. They put the price at £1.3 TRILLION. As a Scot looking forward to independence I can certainly live with the lower figure but the OECD do make good predictions and wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country that is that rich with a social democratic “Nordic” style society? The opportunities that would give to everyone are mind boggling. Remember that the oil is a bonus and without the oil, Scotland has the same GDP as the rest of the UK.]

[We live in a low wage, high unemployment service economy. What we need to create is a high wage, low unemployment manufacturing economy. We can do it because all the building blocks are there. Just vote yes.]


In an uncertain world Scotland’s security will be strengthened as part of the United Kingdom. The British Armed Forces that protect us are the best in the world. In Scotland we are proud of the Forces and proud of the vital contribution that Scotland makes to them. As part of the UK we have real clout in the UN Security Council, NATO, the EU, and we have Embassies around the world.”

[“will be strengthened as part of the United Kingdom……”, far from seeing Scotland’s security strengthened, we’ve seen soldiers handed their P45’s, Royal Air Force bases closed and a Royal Navy that has become a shadow of what it once was, so much indeed that there are no vessels patrolling Scotland’s waters. The “clout” that they talk about is fast becoming a case of smoke and mirrors. Is that the defence strategy we need?  No of course not. Scotland has in the eyes of the British Establishment become a “throw away” asset and will only be defended if the resource is available at the time.  There is no pro-active defence in Scotland and we are looking at this being the case where our armed forces largely comprised of weekend soldiers will be with us for many decades to come.]  

[We can sort out the defence of Scotland in a much more integrated way and treat our service men and women much better in an independent Scotland.  We would be starting from nothing and looking to build a Scottish Defence Force from the ground up and when you consider we have next to nothing now, anything would be much better.  Scotland will be budgeting on around £2.5 Billion per year and if you consider that we pay £4 Billion now and get nothing of use, that’s a step in the right direction.]  

[As to our seats on various organisations is concerned, we’re already in Europe and that will continue and we’ll apply to get into the others.  Many countries share embassies very effectively and an independent Scotland will start off in a position where we’ll have embassies in key parts of the world which will be added to as we rebuild our country.]

[The elephant in the room is of course Trident, nuclear submarines (Polaris) were forced upon our country and that has caused economic strife on the Clyde as it has become apparent that the MOD blocked an oil boom on the Clyde in the 80’s to prevent inconvenience to subs arriving at and leaving Faslane.  As soon as we get rid of those disgusting weapons, it has been announced in Holyrood that landing the oil in the Clyde would commence as soon as practical. Glasgow and Ayrshire need an oil boom more than any other kind of “boom”.]


As Scots we believe there’s nowhere better, but we understand there’s something bigger. By contributing to and benefiting from the multi-national, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural United Kingdom of the years ahead, Scotland’s society and culture will be enriched. Hundreds of thousands of Scots and English have made their homes in each other’s nation. Half of us have English neighbours.  Hundreds of thousands of Scots were born in England. This interdependence – the coming together of family, friends, ideas, institutions and identities – is a strength not a weakness, and is an ideal worth celebrating. The truth is we’re better together. Our case is that Scotland is stronger now and will be stronger in the future – economically, politically, and socially – as a partner in the United Kingdom.”

[Now this is the final pitch, the closing statement that’s supposed to make us want to vote for Westminster by voting no. It’s a shame that it’s the opposite that’s true.  Scotland already enjoys a multi-national, multi-ethnic society and more importantly welcomes it.  As Scots we actually embrace folk that have come to make their homes here and get involved in our society.  This is where true strength comes from and it is that attitude that will build an independent Scotland into the nation we know it can be. Our friends and family in other parts of these islands that we live on will still be there and the change will be that an independent Scotland and the rUK (rest of the UK) will live together in a partnership of equals which will be better for both. The “Social Union” will remain and get stronger as time goes on. Their case and parting pitch that “Scotland is stronger now and will be stronger in the future – economically, politically, and socially” only works if we create an independent Scotland by voting yes. I think you should be seeing that by now.]

Rebuttal Ends 


There are few things in this world that are certain and usually all we can do is look at the past evidence and draw a line to the future in order to make a “best guess” as to how something will pan out.  That is true for every academic that’s commenting on the issue of Scottish independence right now.  Some academics go off the rails when trying to predict what will happen in 50 years time but for the most part, the academic world is doing its best to inform and opine on those issues.  Going from past evidence that no one can argue with, we see a United Kingdom where Westminster administration after administration has dealt badly with the people of Scotland.  The very instant that those in Westminster set about lying to the people of Scotland about their true wealth, that’s the moment that their relevance as our government ended and the treaty which creates the union had to end.

I entirely hope that the people of Scotland will find out their true worth and vote accordingly for Scotland instead of for Westminster in September.  Our yes vote is only the beginning of a process which will end with Scotland taking quite a different path in the future and see an end to perpetual austerity. Contrary to anything these people in Better Together have to say, independence is the only solution where Scotland can progress and become stronger and turn into the country we all know it can become.

A vote for Westminster by voting no wouldn’t result in things staying the same (the status quo), no, many changes would happen and we already know that our funding through the block grant would be reduced by £4 Billion per year.  The UK Chancellor needs to make quick savings due to the size of the public debt and won’t think twice about taking from Scotland in preference to taking from any other part of the United Kingdom. Looking at the evidence, Westminster already have form in that respect.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan Lvss



  1. Reblogged this on Scots Independence and commented:
    I was actually going to write this or something very similar myself. It is straight, factually accurate and honest, that is what I like about it and is the reason for me reblogging it, please do take some time to read it.

  2. Thanks for the analysis David, and thanks to Gaiee2 for pointing me here.

    I enjoy lighter moments, especially on sunny Sunday mornings so the idea of rUK doesn’t seem to quite fit the contribution this Westminster led government has given these isles and a fair few now independent former colonies.

    In the the pprecedent of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia I propose.

    The Former United Kingdom Residual State or FUKRS for short.

    Happy Sunday everyone.

  3. Westminster doesn’t need to “take away” the right to run NHS Scotland. All they need to do is what Osborne has already confirmed, that there will be a £4bn cut in the block grant. Since out NHS requires 40% of the block grant, we will be forced to privatise.
    Very soon there will be a two-tier service, much of it managed by companies like Atos (French), G4S (American), Serco and others, with a host of damaging and divisive results, not just for the professionals and other employees at every level, but for the entire public who currently depend on our very reputable NHS. The bottom line economically is illustrated by the fact that the American healthcare system, with its associated army of insurers, accountants and marketing people, gobbles up 18% of their GDP while that figure in the UK is about 9%. Everyone in this country will suffer both financially and in the quality of healthcare.

  4. Interesting that only the nations of the UK appear to have fought fascism. I had the funny idea a few more than that were involved. I suppose we’ll soon be hearing how “Britain stood alone” in 1940 which is absolutely true if you don’t bother to count the Canadians, South Africans, Australians, New Zealanders, Indians, Caribbeans, Free French, Free Poles, Free Norwegians, Free Dutch, Free Czechs and all the rest.

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