The Labour and BBC Scotland Conspiracy

bbc rose JPGAt one time, I believed everything that the BBC put out.  A bigger fan of the good old auntie beeb you’d be hard pressed to find.  When I worked on contracts abroad, I’d get into my hotel room and proudly switch on the BBC international service and turn it up loud as if letting light flood into places where a wee bit of corruption was to be expected.

That was then….I no longer feel that way after I saw through what they were doing during the run up to the referendum. When it started looking as if independence was going to happen, they ratcheted up the fear factor and had non-politically minded folk thinking it was the end of the world (almost). And even though they should be impartial – it says that in their charter, one could see that there were cosy relationships between those who wished us to remain within the union and the major state broadcaster working together to engineer situations or scaremongering directed at the people of Scotland.  It literally made me sick to my stomach when I considered that non-political folk were having their opinion formed for them in a “you let us do the thinking for you” kind of strategy.  The better together add that was slated even outside Britain said it all with the woman who couldn’t be bothered finding out the facts.

Labour have set their sight on “weaponising” the NHS as their great platform to get power in the UK.  Milliband has already stated that but couldn’t seem to remember when.  In England due to the actions of the Coalition Govt, there’s actually a good case to be made for any opposition party forming that as their main election platform.

Anyone that doesn’t see the privatisation that’s taking place across the English NHS needs to look a little closer and realise that the system has been changed so that money feeds to the private sector instead of NHS England Hospitals for procedures that need to be carried out and it is this that has caused the funding crisis……in England.

In Scotland the picture is quite different (although that funding crisis down south has a knock on effect on the money that comes to Scotland via the Barnett Formula) and yet Labour have been trying to paint a picture that shows that the Scottish NHS is in a similar pickle. It isn’t.  The language of “crisis” is all you hear from the Scottish Labour seats in Hollyrood.  So, in Scotland, those who are in the Labour Party leadership wish to “weaponise” our Scottish NHS which at the moment is performing quite well when compared to the NHS in other parts of the UK.

Of course Labour wouldn’t have such an opportunity to spout these lies into people’s livingrooms if they didn’t have the willing help of the BBC in Scotland’s News and Current Affairs Department.  It is well known that even when Labour make embarrassing mistakes, the BBC will spin the story to make it seem as if there’s nothing wrong and that it was all the SNP’s fault anyway.  We, the one’s who have seen the scales fall from our eyes at sometime in the past recognise that as a simple fact.  There is a guiding hand working with the Labour leadership in Scotland.

Of course the BBC would dispute that as they have many times in the past but when you consider that John Boothman who is the Head of News and Current Affairs ( ) is also the husband of Susan Deacon who was the Scottish Labour Health Minister the last time Labour were in power in Hollyrood then perhaps 2+2 does =4.

See here;-

That means that within the upper echelons of BBC Scotland we have someone who is responsible at guiding the message that’s put out on TV and on Radio (or online) where that person has too close an affiliation to the Labour Party.  At one time in Scotland that would have been seen as a benefit but now it’s seen by many as a “tawdry wee conspiracy”.

There’s even an academic called Dr John Robertson who is attached to the University of the West of Scotland who has made a career out of uncovering the very real 21st century bias and propaganda that the BBC get up to.  Through his research and the report he subsequently produced he was actually threatened by the BBC who tried unsuccessfully to gain the support of the University’s Principal and Dean, who instead supported Dr Robertson’s research.

I’ll simply put one link up here and you can google Dr John Robertson to your hearts content.  Let’s get real here, if the BBC had one thing they could have pinned on this man either personally or to attack him due to his political beliefs, they’d have hung him out to dry.  They couldn’t and didn’t.  His report on that now ridiculous organisation was damning to say the least.  His vital research continues to this day.

Were it not for the rise of the independence question and support for the SNP, much of this would just be lost in the noise of politics, however, when we see figures such as Peter Oborne the Chief Political Commentator of the Telegraph resigning over being gagged about the HSBC scandal, ( ) we as ordinary citizens get to see that there’s something very rotten at the core of major media outlets.  A newspaper however, can print what they like, I have a choice whether to buy that newspaper and read whatever lies they want to print but I and everyone else is forced to have a TV licence and therefore pays for the BBC. That means that as they serve ALL THE PEOPLE then they must remain impartial and most definitely the evidence has piled up to show that indeed they are not.

I’ll finish with a little example that I heard the other morning.  On the BBC Radio Scotland early morning show I heard the interview with Jenny Marra MSP who is Scottish Labour’s Health Spokesperson.  Believe it or not she was given a very hard time during that interview.  It was very early morning so the audience at that time won’t have been very large at all.  During it, the video made by Jim Murphy which was subsequently pulled down due to “inaccuracies” was discussed and Ms Marra was even asked to apologise, in fact the person interviewing her asked if anyone should trust a Labour Party who couldn’t even analyse figures properly.  It was most embarrassing for her and she got the needle stuck and just repeated the same thing over and over.

Okay, that was the interview, however, on the hourly bulletin put out after that, the sound byte that was used was where Ms Marra sounded as if she was on the attack against the SNP where in reality she was under a ferocious attack for her parties own mistakes over the last 24 hours.

That’s how you do it, that’s 21st century propaganda and bias.  That’s how you tell the story in a very different way to the reality.  That’s how a broadcaster like the BBC tells a lie.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that……………..” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ― Plato

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

When are the people of Scotland going to see through the fly guys who conspire to keep them surpressed?  This year perhaps?

Tell a friend how they do it and ask them to vote for the SNP so we can change the political landscape, one that’s permanently bathed in light.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan


3 thoughts on “The Labour and BBC Scotland Conspiracy

  1. An eloquent and accurate critique of broadcasting in UK. Everywhere you look biased reporting glorifying the status quo while more and more people realise it’s rotten to the core.

  2. The above reads like an echo of my own thoughts about media coverage of the referendum.
    I too used to believe in the BBC, but the referendum showed me that in fact they are a propaganda arm of the Westminster establishment.

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