Our New World Order: The Rise of Equality

Westminster saltires

Any society is based on confidence.  Confidence that those in charge will forge a path that’s good for the biggest bulk of the population and creates wealth and security for all that live in that society.  For that confidence to work there has to be trust in the system and those in charge need to make sure that they carry the population with them in the decisions they make on our behalf and that their intentions and actions can be seen to be honourable in all facets of their work as decision makers.

There, that’s how it should work, now let’s look at what’s really happening and how as a result, that confidence and trust that the ordinary member of society places in the government of the day has broken down.

At this point I could do a list that goes something like;-

Illegal Iraq War
Cash for Questions
The MP’s Expenses Scandal
The Banking Scam(s)

And so, on and so on, but that would simply turn this article into a long list of where the confidence and trust has broken down instead of what I’m trying to achieve which is how to fix it.
You could say that to fix it, you would simply change the government, but as we have seen over many decades, changing the government has very little effect on the downward march to the complete mayhem we see now.  In fact, each time the government changes from Conservative to Labour or vice versa using the LibDems in some cases to prop them up, the people who form that government simply start to behave the same as the government before and become the working arm of an “establishment” of unelected people who seem to perpetually hold the reins of ultimate power, no matter what particular political party holds the keys to number 10.

Those “hidden” establishment people are made up of the royal family, hereditary peers, large land owners, media moguls, merchant bankers, and those who have recently come into that fold from large business.  There are other actors at work such as the USA establishment and that link and influence in our lives is one that needs to be broken.  Therefore, if we consider that for a moment, changing the government has very little effect because real power resides elsewhere and the people that push the buttons and pull the levers in our society are not those who we see on our TV screens each night being interviewed in some mad game of “Tell me a secret”.  They can’t tell you any secrets because they don’t actually hold any real power in the first place.

Has anyone actually wondered why such a buffoon as Nigel Farage and his falanx of now comical skinheads ever got the kind of media coverage that we saw last year or this year?  The conservative party certainly never asked for that to happen and labour wouldn’t be in such trouble at this stage of the game if it wasn’t for the free advertising ukip got over the last two years.  And please don’t try to convince me that the buffoon Farage or his nutty friends have actually got anything constructive to say because they haven’t.  They only think they know how to tear down a system and certainly wouldn’t have the first clue how to build one up never mind run it.  This is one situation where we can definitely see a hidden hand at work (or hands).

War is definitely coming (according to the speculators) because each night on TV and online we see situations around the globe in a worse state than we’ve seen for decades.  No normal ordinary person wants war unless they find themselves on the receiving end and have to fight to protect their lives and the lives of their families.  The media services are choosing who our enemies are and are actively engaged in managing their output for the greatest effect on the population.  In most cases those “enemies” are not the real enemies at all and we are falling prey to the illusionists trick who makes you look elsewhere whilst taking a coin from his pocket and making it appear from behind your ear.  We don’t have an opinion of our own because that opinion is completely formed for us.

There are certain things that get through from time to time because of inter-party fighting such as the HSBC Swiss Bank Account swindle but now the media will now work hard to make us forget about that and concentrate on those poor souls who may have found themselves without a job and have very little likelihood of getting another and now eat rubbish loaded with sugar and fat because they can’t afford a better diet.  There’s your sleight of hand, that’s what the media are good at. “Don’t look at that – look at this instead.”

So, how do we fix this grave crisis?  How do we put honour back into a system of government and make it work for the people?  We know that we need to take on the “hidden” establishment but how?  A revolution simply tears up the landscape and pushes far more people into chaos and death so that’s not an answer.  The “hidden” establishment wouldn’t be effected by such a happenstance because you can be assured that if they do reside in the UK, they have well oiled escape routes and destinations already in place.  Only the most disenfranchised in society call for such a thing to happen anyway because they have very little to lose.

I’m a Scot, that for me is a happy trick of fate and last year Scotland was given the huge opportunity to start afresh and forge its own path.  That opportunity created division even within families and ended on almost a 50/50 split.  The “hidden” establishment wasn’t so hidden at that time, it became a battle fought down to the wire in every sense and actually culminated in one ex-prime minister and three party leaders coming together in sheer panic to deliver the final blow to the yes campaign.  We were attacking that establishment from the outside and I believe that was our greatest mistake.  The establishment moved heaven and earth to create division which ultimately defeated the yes side and kept the union together (for a while anyway).

I was one of the people who voted yes and people like me were described as a “virus”.  Let me define that word “virus” in medical terms for you;-

Virus: A microorganism that is smaller than a bacterium. A virus invades living cells and uses their chemical machinery to keep itself alive and to replicate itself.

That’s actually a very good description for anyone who wishes to take on and beat the establishment.  To attack a system from within is actually a very clever thing to do and has proved successful over and over for thousands of years.

Viruses are good at disguising themselves within the body and therefore the immune system has a hard time tracking them down and getting rid.

In May, there’s a Westminster election, if the people of Scotland are sensible, they’ll elect nothing but SNP MP’s to sit in that house. With such a high number of those MP’s the system can be attacked from the inside and force decisions from that system that benefits Scotland that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  Being a socialist, I would like to go further and attack the sticky hands of the hidden establishment in a way that diminishes and defeats their hold on our country and indeed all the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Only by creating such a change in the political landscape can we hope to get back to the situation that I described in the first paragraph of this article.  We need to restore the confidence in a system of government and the only way to do that (sensibly) is to change it from within.  That system of government has to be as free as possible to make honest and honourable decisions that benefit everyone in a fairer more equal spread.

If you intend to vote Labour, Liberal, Conservative or UKIP, then all you’ll have done is vote for a continuation of the hidden establishment who will secretly smile and devastate your life.

If on the other hand, you wish to see that hidden establishment taken on and diminished, then a vote for the SNP is not only vital, but your entire well-being in the future and that of your family may depend on doing just that.

Our little country could become the catalyst (along with others) that helps to infect the rest of the world and creates a “New World Order”, one that benefits the many, not the few.  Not all viruses are bad after all.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan

4 thoughts on “Our New World Order: The Rise of Equality

  1. Very good article.
    Love the pic of “The Rest” at the top.

    I think this quote from a friend of mine is a useful way of pointing out the conniving mendacity of the frightened “establishment” and what they do to keep the status quo…

    .”So what will you accept as real–your intuition that something is deeply amiss in the UK, or the official propaganda that all is well? The goal of this war is to persuade you to surrender your independence and intuition in favour of passive acceptance of the cleverly cloaked tyranny of the current arrangement.
    If they cannot persuade you, then disorienting you will do. Misdirecting your intuition is victory enough”.

  2. “If you intend to vote Labour, Liberal, Consevative or UKIP, then all you’ll have done is vote for a continuation of the hidden establishment who will secretly smile and devastate your life.”
    You will in fact be doing a little more . You wil be voting for a political party that is based outside your own country. I have done this for too long. I will not be doing it again. I will, in future, only be voting for political parties based in Scotland. Only these parties will have the interests of Scotland as their main focus.

  3. Reblogged this on Max Stafford's Kennel and commented:
    Those of you who know me well know I’m increasingly a political animal and this piece by David Milligan neatly encapsulates much of my own thinking about our current situation so I make no apologies for re-blogging it. Politics is everywhere and increasingly people around me are starting to realise that if we are to aspire to a healthy democracy then we have an absolute responsibility to start taking an active role again ourselves rather than continue to place our trust in those who have so signally failed us.

    There will be more politics and random musings from time to time but worry not, railways and modelling will remain at the fore!
    More model-related antics later!

  4. In 2011 I couldn’t get a Scottish publisher to publish my memoir, RETIRED TERRORIST. This told of my role starting in the 1950s as a youthfull nationalist activist (it was the time of the Coronation) and the reasons for my subsequent long exile. In 1953 my “co-conspirator” friend, the late Scottish National Party Secretary Robert Curran, also left Scotland he advised me that the authorities had classed both of us as “persons of interest.” Sixty years later, finding no publisher would consider my story, or my writing, to be “of interest” (despite the fact that commercial publishers in England, the United States and New Zealand had taken on other books I’d written) I tried desperately to have the truth of our struggle acknowledged.
    When I wrote to SNP executives asking if they might facilitate the new book’s publication, I received no replies, despite it documenting a long period of the party’s history from the 1950s (I could only assume they feared party secrets might be devulged!). Resercher historians in a Canadian university did ask for specific parts of the manuscript, and a request from the documentary movie producer Biju Viswanath for material to produce a “treatment” was received. But the best I could do was contract for a 430-page paperback to be issued by Trafford Publishing in America (www.gordonmcshean.com). This charges authors extra for involving book reviewers, and I don’t think any Scottish reviewing publication has seen it!
    But I’m not totally forgotten. Just this month I reveived a visit from New Zealand police (I’ve been there 35 years!) demanding samples of my handwriting and asking me to provide finger prints. At 78, and crippled by some of the effects of the terrible conditions of Glasgow tenements in my youth, I can suddenly claim to be a “person of interest” again! And I suppose I can hope that (if ever Scotland achieves independence) some curious historian may dig material from the archives and put something in the record confirming how difficult it was to to convince Scots that Home Rule activism was a force worth fighting for!

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