Government control : Who holds the switch?


I am an ordinary man.

I am a product of society’s programming. I was brought up to be a contributor to that society, to be a good husband, good father, good son, brother, cousin, nephew and most of all a good consumer.  Is this all that I am?

Has living in a capitalist society made me this way?

We participate and take in that programming.  We watch TV which is used to download the latest whatever that’s being punted by the large corporations.  Our sub-conscious mind takes in absolutely everything and that sub-conscious mind colours our judgement when making a choice of products.  Yes, the corporations pay plenty to have that choice favour their products.

What then if we consider the power of a government with an entire TV channel at it’s disposal…….

There’s a rather interesting little website called “Third World Traveller”, the front page presents the following information;-

“Deputy Director Frank Wisner proudly referred to the CIA’s worldwide propaganda machine as “the mighty Wurlitzer.” And indeed, the agency’s skill at murdering people is matched only by its ability to murder the truth.

The CIA has published literally hundreds of books that spread its party line on the Cold War. It was particularly proud of The Penikovsky Papers, supposedly the memoirs of a KGB defector but actually completely ghostwritten by CIA scribes. A bit more embarrassing was Claire Sterling’s book which advanced the now-discredited theory that the Russians were behind the 1981 attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II. Even the popular Fodor’s Travel Guides started as a CIA front.

The CIA also owns dozens of newspapers and magazines the world over. These not only provide cover for their agents but allow them to plant misinformation that regularly makes it back to the US through the wire services. The CIA has even placed agents on guard at the wire services, to prevent inconvenient facts from being disseminated.

In 1977, famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein revealed that over 400 US journalists had been employed by the CIA. These ranged from freelancers who were paid for regular debriefings, to actual CIA officers who worked under deep cover. Nearly every major US news organization has had spooks on the payroll, usually with the cooperation of top management….[……..].. And while the CIA director at the time, George Bush, made a not-too-convincing show of discontinuing the agency’s manipulation of the media, it’s clear that the CIA regards the space between your ears as one of its most important battlefields.”

If you are interested, the website can be found at

The text above talks about news organisations, in the UK we have the BBC which is our state broadcaster.  It has become a pretty open secret that they are the mouthpiece of the UK Government, or rather should I say “the British Establishment” which includes all the main players that you or I wouldn’t recognise but nonetheless have a major role in stage-management of our society. If you consider the mission critical advertising that the corporations do, imagine how much more mission critical it is for a government to control the sub-conscious of their electorate.  They use what is called the “Mainstream Media” which you’ll hear being abbreviated to “MSM”. It’s a collection of all the main news and current affairs outlets.  Obviously, not everyone buys a newspaper but most people have a TV of some description in their home.  Where do you think most people will turn to in order to get their daily download?  That’s why the BBC are so important to the UK government and the British Establishment.

The antidote to that is this, this media that I’m communicating to you with now.  It has a name and it’s called “Social Media”.  Over the past few years governments have been trying to control the Social Media and most governments have a programme to do just that.  I remember working in the Maldives helping to build the emergency evacuation system for Male Airport.  I got friendly with the chap in charge of the project for the airport.  We had a really good blether one night and I mentioned the student stood in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square in China.  He hadn’t heard of it. We got access to a computer in the hotel where we all stayed and I looked it up. What I saw was pictures of flowers and nice views of the square but no reference (at all) to the famous scene that I was talking about. I tried several browsers but nothing, nada, zip.  On returning to the UK, I ran the same search and there it was, the famous piece of video showing the wee student with balls of steel going forehead to forehead with a 20 ton tank.

Tiananmen Sq

It seems the Chinese had control over what you could see online and the effect covered a larger footprint than just mainland China. This power to make events disappear and control what we see isn’t just confined to China although the British Government would like you to think that.  And so would the USA and many other governments of the world.  Just the other day, Twitter was switched off in Turkey of all places.

The Turkish Govt also threatened to switch off Facebook and Youtube.  Now if Turkey can do it, don’t you think that the same could be made to happen in the UK?  Let’s get real here.  The power to do that was probably sold to the Turkish Govt by either the UK or the USA who are two countries that have operated a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” in carrying out surveillance on their own people, ordinary citizens like you and me.

Edward Snowden may have blown the gaff on that particular activity but did we not suspect that this was the case anyway?

So what are the BBC doing to control the output on the TV?  Going by well documented examples by online newspapers such as Newsnet Scotland ( ), we can see that the propaganda and bias is a smooth as silk. It can be as simple as a positive story about Scotland where they look for one negative angle and they make sure that negative point is the last thing you hear on a news item. It can also be ignorance of a news story; a couple of weeks ago, Standard Life were reported as “pulling out” of Scotland if the Yes campaign won and independence happened.  Apart from the fact that the story was spun and was run on every news break and news programme solidly for a few days, another news item was “censored”.  The credit reference agency Standard & Poor’s (yes it is called that) produced a report on an independent Scotland based on what they saw as the wealth of Scotland.  They described Scotland as an “Investment Grade Economy” and that even without oil they would still give the highest rating to an independent Scotland.  This story was “covered up”.  There can be no other explanation.  It suited someone in the British Establishment to have the story buried and instead the Standard Life story was run in isolation.  So why do that?  What was the reason?

We have a referendum on Scottish independence happening on the 18th of September this year. We already know that Scotland’s wealth has been used to build the M25 and the Channel Tunnel.  We also know that there are a few projects like HS2 (the high speed rail link that will get as far north as Manchester) and the London sewerage system which is badly in need of replacement. The British Establishment can ill afford to lose the wealth coming from Scotland that would be in the top 35 exporting nations in the world and would be ranked the 14th most wealthy country on the planet.  That’s why.

So, I live in a world, a country, a society where those that are supposed to be the most trusted have been lying to us in various ways and sometimes just by omission of a story. Armed with that knowledge, I as an ordinary man simply rebel.  I have broken my own programming and try to show others that they have been similarly programmed too and show them how to break free of it.

I have often said that Social Media will change our world but now I find that even that freedom to converse online with other ordinary people is in danger of being removed from us.  We can’t rely on the Mainstream Media to hold our government to account any more (if we ever could) and that makes Social Media a vital and mission critical method of “rallying the troops” (independence campaigners).

The clock is ticking towards the referendum and I know I must continue to rebel. How will I rebel when I and my fellow rebels have been silenced?  No matter what, the rebellion must continue and we may have to seek a different way to spread the word.

We can, should and must regain our independence.  With that we have a chance of creating a society free of the type of control that other governments have over their own people.  We will begin a new “enlightenment” but this time we’ll share that enlightenment with the world.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan Lvss


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