You mean my porridge is going to cost more?


Yesterday I watched in disbelief as the pro-union main stream media went into overdrive after having asked several food chain CEO’s their “opinion” on what would happen to food prices if Scotland regained its independence?

Let’s look at what the Financial Times said about this;-

“Retailers are also concerned that the regulatory and tax burdens could increase. Dalton Philips, chief executive of Wm Morrison said”If the regulatory environment was to increase the burden of the cost structure on business, that would potentially have to be passed through to consumer pricing, because why should the English and Welsh consumer subsidise this increased cost of doing business in Scotland?”

There you have it, Dalton Philips and others jumped in with both feet right into the middle of the independence debate.  That particular opinion could have been applied just as well to England and Wales if the cost of doing business went up there too.  Is that too fanciful?  Consider the mounting debt in the UK right now, it’s sitting at just under £1.3 Trillion and rising at £5170 per second.  The UK Treasury and those at Westminster will be searching high and low right now to find ways to take more taxes in the future to halt that runaway debt. The supermarkets and big retailers will become fair game in the future after Westminster decides that it can’t get blood out of a stone any more with regard to the social state and throwing people out of their homes in the process.

In the same article a spokesperson for the Scottish Government said “There was no reason for retail prices to rise if Scots voted to leave the union. Plans for an independent Scotland included proposals for lower corporation tax and fuel duty to cut transport costs mean Scotland would be more competitive and less costly than at present”.

So Dalton Philips “opinion” was based on nothing more than mere conjecture and hypothesis.  He should have kept his trap shut just like that of Tesco’s.  So why didn’t he? Why would he risk disenfranchising so many of his customers north of the border by jumping so stupidly into the debate?

When someone like Dalton Philips makes a statement like that he will usually consult the company’s media guru. In large companies that is usual to ensure that the message won’t damage them. It just so happens that Richard Taylor is that man.  Here, I’ll give you a little bit of background on the man. It is interesting, especially the last part….

“Richard joined Morrisons in 2008.  His role as Director of Corporate Affairs and  Communications includes setting strategy for Morrisons’ public affairs and corporate responsibility programmes as well as all media relations.

Prior to joining Morrisons, Richard was a Partner at Portland Communications (2004-2008), advising clients including BSkyB, Google and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.  He worked for the government for six years: as a Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Defence (2001-2004) and in the Labour Party
Policy Unit (1998-2001).”

Could it be that Richard still has good friends in the Labour Party?  Hmm I’ll let you answer that.

As it is, Morrison’s are being threatened with a boycott of their stores in Scotland. These simple uninformed “opinions” may cost the store a lot of profit. Independence supporters have asked for a retraction to that statement in a very visible form. As visible as the comment by a BBC reporter on the “One Show” last night.

As it is, the grass roots campaign for independence is working well with an increase in support of 3% announced by Scottish Television last night. The independence supporters already know that this story has been debunked and it’ll just get tagged onto their conversations with the undecided.

In the coming months we expect to see much worse than this shouted from our TV’s and printed in a pro-unionist press. Those in bed with the British Establishment will reach fever pitch as we approach the referendum. Wait and see.

I may pop into Aldi’s and purchase some popcorn and a few bottles of coke for the show….and whilst there I might just pick up the months shopping, at least they promote good Scottish produce.

Bring it on guys if you think you’re up to it.

Scotland will become a small, rich, normal, independent, European nation and there’s not a damn thing that anyone can do about it. I cannot wait.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan Lvss


2 thoughts on “You mean my porridge is going to cost more?

  1. I left this letter on my FB page,Sir,I keep reading about how upon independence Scotland will have to reapply to join the European Union.Most of the reference is coming from the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy I think the question is not about Europe but about Scotland’s position in the United Kingdom.The question is,”Did the United Kingdom sign the treaties on behalf of all the component countries of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ?” or was it just selected countries? I do think the agreement was on all our behalf’s,and so makes Scotland a successor state on equal footing with the rUK.I also read the daft report about food being more expensive in Scotland,my thought here is ludicrous,Scotland is a net exporter of food,and rUK net importers,my wee bit.

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