What’s that? It’s going to run out you say? Sure is…..


Oil………there I’ve said it.  The word that every pro-union activist tries to avoid or asks the pro-independence activist to avoid when debating (if you could call it that).  Generally those debates consist of the unionists trying to poke holes in the positive facts that we now know to be true. That truth is that Scotland is actually minted and that we can vote for a future now that is filled with hope, opportunity and choice instead of having to put up with rising levels of austerity for the rest of our lives, courtesy of those that brought you such hits as “the bedroom tax”.

I digress, sorry about that…on with the point.

The oil will run out. That is an absolute certainty. In 40-50 years time (or at some time in the future), all the revenue, licence money and jobs that comes from the oil operations in Scotland will be gone, done and disappeared from our wonderful country. That is a sore fact that no one can avoid, especially those who would argue that we should stay within the UK.  Let me explain that –

We have a simple choice.

We could put all our faith in Westminster and hope against hope that when one of our primary economic drivers is gone that they’ll help Scotland and reduce the detrimental effects that would happen as a result.

Apart from anything else, there would be massive job losses in Scotland leading up to the oil running out.

Surely Westminster would find it in their hearts to help out under such circumstances, or do we perhaps feel that they’d do the same as in the past and largely ignore the plight of the Scottish people?


Westminster of course would be suffering from the loss of the oil revenue too and it could be argued that their hands would be tied due to the lack of funds available.  We would probably still be living in “Austerity Britain” going from the size of the debt that we see right now.  That is a huge number and it’s growing larger every day (just under £1.3 Trillion as of the publication of this blog).


Our grandkids grandkids will be living with it unless there is a major change within the mindset of the British Establishment where they realise that illegal wars and trying to project Britain militarily is just a daft idea.  That seat at the “the top table” is much more than we can afford.

Scotland would have regained its independence.

It has already been intimated that Scotland would have a written constitution. We will have the opportunity to write into that constitution that a proportion of the oil revenue and licence money would be put away into an oil fund similar to Norway’s which is already one of the largest funds in the world.

Having that written into our constitution means that any future politician couldn’t use the money for political gain and like Norway, they would be limited to a spend of 4% of the interest each year.

So the oil will run out.  How would we as an independent nation deal with that?

The Renewables industry which looks to produce energy from the movement of the moon (tidal power) is just starting off so we would be free to invest in that industry which has a similar skills base to that of the oil industry. We could in fact re-industrialise Scotland and sell the technology to other nations that wish to capitalise on renewable energy.  Many large companies are already moving in to Scotland to take advantage of the “Renewables Boom”.

The choice is entirely yours. I know which one I’m choosing.  Do we want to put in place a future for Scotland?  Or do we still want to be governed by a parliament at Westminster who couldn’t give a hoot so long as oil revenues are still hitting the UK Treasury?  There are plenty of building projects to fund in London alone don’t forget, they could after all do with the money, but are we in Scotland prepared to gift them that money when we have plenty to fund for ourselves?

This isn’t selfish, it isn’t greed on the part of the Scottish people, it is instead straightforward, simple, self preservation. Chew on that one.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan Lvss


8 thoughts on “What’s that? It’s going to run out you say? Sure is…..

  1. What would happen to my English children if Scotland got independence? would they have dual nationality?
    Or as a Scot would I be left south of the Border because My children would be unwelcome?

    • Yvonne, I think that the rules that have been proposed are that your children would be entitled to a Scottish passport if they wanted one. I suggest you download the white paper “Scotland’s Future” from the Scottish Government. You can quickly navigate your way to the section that you’re looking for.

      I think you are putting too much emphasis on the border thing. We need people to move to Scotland, everyone that has a vested interest in Scotland’s future knows that. All Scotland would be doing if it’s a yes in the referendum is repatriating our political and economic powers and taking control of our own resources because of the many bad decisions by Westminster where Scotland is concerned over many decades. The social union will become very important in the future. It exists now but there’s little respect and that mindset has been pushed by Westminster and the main stream media. Does the phrase “Subsidy Junkie” mean anything to you? That was the headline in many of the red tops claiming that every man, woman and child in Scotland was subsidised to the tune of £1600 per year. The UK Treasury’s own figures were used to debunk that and in fact Scotland has produced more in taxation proportionally than any other part of the UK for the last 32 years. We asked for a retraction and didn’t get one, just more lies. There’s not much respect there, is there? That will hopefully change.

      To end this (as I could go on), you and your children will be welcomed with open arms in an independent Scotland.

      Kindest regards,

      David Milligan Lvss

      • You’re very welcome Yvonne. And don’t worry, no one is hacksawing Scotland off the top of the British Isles. It’s just a re-juggling of our constitutional arrangements. Once we get the thing started properly you might fancy a move back up here. The more the merrier I say. Your children may even have a rosier future up here, shame about the weather though. lol

        Kindest regards,

        David Milligan Lvss

  2. The oil they are currently pumping will last 40-50 years, what about the multi- billion pound investment in a new deep core oilfield with many times the capacity of current oil fields due to start 2014-2015 with an expected lifespan of 90-120 years, what about this scottish investment in the future

    • What about it Charlie? I agree it’s good news but the thrust of my argument isn’t about that, if we found oil to last for 300 years it would still run out and if tied to Westminster, we could almost guarantee that no oil fund would be started. Therefore the actual point is which parliament do we most trust to govern well and ensure that Scottish wealth is put to good use by benefitting generations of Scottish people that haven’t even been born yet whilst taking care of those that live in Scotland right now.

      Good point though with regard to the deep core oilfield.

      Kindest regards,

      David Milligan Lvss

  3. Ok, we all know that oil and gas as energy sources are finite, that holds true no matter who is in power, the SG, wastemonster or Mr. Blobby … NOBODY knows when.
    Accordingly, we have numerous alternatives … in no particular order, we have Clean Coal, now in its 50th year at Yerostigaz in Uzbekistan with a remarkably clean safety record and presently used by Linc energy in Australia to produce ultra clean diesel fuel and avaition grade kerosene. This is done by using Underground Coal Gassification (UCG) excess CO2 can be stored for further use within the petro-chemical industry.
    We have 200~300 years of coal reserves, which is why Cluff Natural Resorces have taken up the exploration licenses in areas which extend under the Forth … close to Grangemouth!
    Ok, thats finite too, but consider,the world is slowly getting round to the idea that the present uranium based nuke reactors are just too damn dangerous and the safe alternative Thorium reactors will eventually take over.
    So renewables, we’ve got wind,, not 100% reliable so consider it a phase we’re going through, just as steam was with regard to rail and industry.
    MASSIVELY under-rated and under invested too … what amount of sheer power could be harnessed in the mighty River Tay alone silent, reliable and out of sight, A lot of export earnings could be made from just our forgotten neighbours to the north ! Yup, Faeroe with its deep narrow fjords and total reliance on energy imports.

    Waste to Energy
    This is an area much neglected unfortunately, we just chuck waste into a hole in the ground and let it rot! There it produces Methane, CH4, a gas 23 times worse than CO2 when it comes to Global Warming. Fortunately, some councils, Angus for instance, capture it and use it to produce electicity.
    But … we still have to pay to wastemonster the Landfill Tax.
    This can be avoided a couple of ways, 1) by using Gassifiers to reduce the wastestream by some 95% whilst producing Syngas to make electricity, a non polluting solution to the old incineration problem, especially when combined with Carbon Capture and Saving. Powerhouse appear to have a good system.
    2) There are numerous Anaerobic Digester systems out there, But the daddy of them all is the system invented by French Genius gardener JEAN PAIN who produced FREE hot water, FREE CH4 and eventually,when the heap was finished rotting down, a very efficatious compost/mulch … but I’ll let you do your own research into that … hint, you tube!
    There are again, many systems which can be adapted to suit local conditions, but we have to get the red tape out of the way … the system and cost of inspection by the electric companies is quite simply ridiculous, let alone the little Empire building antics of SEPA!! Have a look at lifeattheendoftheroad,a blg by a very competent man on Raasay to see how its done!
    Sorry to take up so much room on your blog David, hope its of use, use it as you will and keep up the good work!

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