The uncertainty of it all…….

I spend most of my days promoting and supporting Scottish independence.  The polls tell me that this is a very stupid thing to do.  I noticed that on a poll done by a marketing organisation last week that people like me only represent 27% of the electorate, so what gives?  Why do I continue on a trajectory that looks as if it’s going to end in a car crash?

Let’s start with one statement; I don’t believe the polls and never have.  There, I’ve said it.  Some will agree and some wont.  Besides that, we are too far out for the polling to have any validity anyway.

So with that in mind, I sally forth as they say and even though I run a small business which does 90% of its business in England, there is nothing more important to me (apart from my family and friends) than working every day to debunk and help promote others that debunk the nonsense that comes out of the “no” campaign.

Why should I and others do this?  Simple as the answer may seem to some, it’s just that we have seen what the British Establishment have done to our country and will continue to do for as long as they are given the power to do so.

This is my first blog.  I will return with evidence to show up the British Establishment for the pernicious power that it is and hope that many will see it and realise that the only way to start “Project iScotland” is to vote yes next year.

Only then will we have the ability to build a fairer and more equal country for all who live in Scotland.

Kindest regards,

David Milligan Lvss


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